Lifelong Learning


In this busiest of busy seasons why is this blog about educational resources?  Isn’t this quite out of place with Christmas less than two weeks away@#$%*!!  This blog post is highlighting educational opportunities in wholistic transformation NOW because it will soon be time for ‘New Year’s resolutions’.  Here are two fantastic opportunities requiring just a little time each week in the new year that will reap huge blessings in your spiritual and ministry journey.

Check out these awesome opportunities.  And this first one is offered FREE.  That alone should cause a stampede!


Monday Church is the newest and FREE online course put out by the Disciple Nations Alliance. The Church is not a building or a Sunday-morning activity; it is the Body of Christ on mission in every sphere of society, every day of the week. Monday Church explores the greatest tool God has given us to impact the world: our work. God intends for our daily work to be for the service of man, the blessing of the nations, and the glory of God.

Get a few friends together or introduce this to your Sunday School class or small group and be challenged together. There are video’s to watch, together or individually, and discussion questions.  Unleash your talents for the Kingdom of God!  You won’t regret taking this course.


Want to understand Islam better?  Houghton College here we come.  But wait – this college course is coming directly to your computer.  The course starts on January 9th and registration closes on January 3rd.  Check out the letter below and the link to the Lillias Trotter Center for more details.

Dear friends,
Beginning January 9th, 2017, the Lilias Trotter Center is running the online course: The History of Islamic Theology and Movements: A Christian Investigation. The course is being taught here at Houghton College (we have 32 students registered) and we will have a team who will video the lectures and class interactions and post them online the same day.
The class is taught Tuesday and Thursday afternoons each week (2:30-3:45 pm EST). In addition to selected readings from an authoritative history of Islam, most of the readings are taken from a wide variety of sources and will be available in the course for free download. I will be working with the Professor and interacting with online students. 
The course is available for an Lilias Trotter Certificate for $199, and for graduate school credit (3 credit hours) through Wesley Biblical Seminary for $637.50. Full information about the course can be found on the LTC website here.   
I warmly commend this course to you. We expect that you will need to spend 8 – 10 hours each week, including the 2 ½ hours of watching the videoed lectures. 
To apply, go to the course online
Serving with you for his sake,
Director of the Lilias Trotter Center and Adjunct Professor at Wesley Biblical Seminary