My own journey in understanding what wholistic ministry is all about began at a seminar entitled “God and Creation.”  I thought we’d hear about tree-huggers, and we did, but talk about cows is what caught my attention. The question was asked, “If you were to look at a dairy farm could you tell if the farmer was a Christian?” “Does the way a farmer farms have anything to do with his relationship with God?”  Asked then I would have said no.  Farming is farming and God is God, right?  But after reading a ton of books, attending lots of seminars, studying scripture, and talking this out with other Kingdom believers I’ve come to the conclusion that farming is not just farming – it’s an expression of how the farmer views the world.  And if I view the world from the basis of the truth presented in the Bible that will be expressed differently from someone who farms, or does business, or governs, or teaches, or provides health care from the world’s view or an animistic view.  What we believe matters.  What we believe affects who we are, everything we do, and our relationships with God and others.

Take a look at this trailer for the movie Food, Inc. to to get a taste (no pun intended:) of this issue.

My desire for this blog is to inspire and encourage us on the journey of being transformed in our own lives and with those God has led us to interact with.  My prayer is that as we grow in our understanding of wholistic transformation we will begin to see changes in what we know, what we think, as well as in how we ‘do’ life.

I’ve been thrilled as President Harriman has caught hold of this vision. I’m currently going through old files and the shredder is humming but this document caught my eye before meeting it’s demise.


This report that Hubert Harriman wrote several years ago is entitled, The Heart of Compassionate Ministries.  In it he writes, “We feel God’s hand in our back, pushing us into the things that move His heart. What all that will finally mean, we don’t know but we do know that we can’t turn back.  Our hearts have been marked by a world in need — these are desperate days, with war, drought, famines, floods, displaced peoples, the illiterate, the uneducated, the poor, the homeless, the orphans, the abused, the addicted, the sick and diseased.  Do we have a choice?  Like the good Samaritan, stopping to help the man in need, we must take the time, make the effort and pay the price, always remembering that it’s about people.  People! People! Not projects.  . . . . . . This is the pulse of our heart but it’s a beat that’s getting louder and louder, like a drumbeat in our thoughts, hopes, and dreams — that God wants to do more with WGM, to make us an instrument of healing for the nations.”


Preach it Hubert!  Thank you for your leadership over these past 14 years.  You will be missed but we are anxious to see how God will continue to use WGM to build His Kingdom.

Check “Between the Trees” often for inspiration, testimonies of how God is at work, mistakes to avoid as you put wholistic transformation into practice, what others are reading, etc.  I welcome you to ‘like’ the WGMCompassion page on Facebook.  You’ll find helpful links and resources to help you facilitate wholistic transformation within your sphere of influence.

PS – An upcoming blog post will explain the name of this blog.


Joy Phillips

WGM Compassionate Ministries Coordinator